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Best Free Spins Online Casino In Canada 2024

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  • All passionate casino players love free spins! They are a perfect opportunity to add value to your gaming sessions.
  • Learn why casinos offer free spins and how to spot the best offers on the market.
  • Browse our curated selection of the 10 best free spins online casinos in Canada!
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List of Best Free Spin Casinos In Canada for 2024

Daily Cashback up to 20%
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $7.500
  • Casino games: 5000+
C$3,000 + 350 FS Welcome Package
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+
300% up to C$1,500 + 20 FS
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
100% up to $500 + 200 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 7000+
100% up to $1,500 + 500 FS
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 7000+
100% up to C$300 Welcome Bonus
  • Withdrawal time: 1-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
300% up to C$1,500 +20 FS
  • Withdrawal time: 1-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
100% up to 200€ Welcome Bonus
  • Withdrawal time: 1-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
Up to C$1,500 + 270 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 6000+
300% up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
$2,500 Bonus + 500 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 6000+
Up to $2,000 + 500 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 6000+
Daily Cashback up to 20%
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $7.500
  • Casino games: 5000+
Up to C$6,000 + 200 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+
Up to C$2,000 + 200 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+
100% up to $750 + 200 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 7000+
Up to $6,375 + 1800 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-5 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
350% up to $3,200 + 650 FS
  • Withdrawal time: 0-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.20 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+

Top 10 Free Spin Online Casinos In Canada

To provide you with the best online casino bonuses, here’s a quick rundown of the many perks when joining an online casino that offers free spins

Slotimo🏆 Low wagering requirement and best overall for free spins
Betonic🏅 Wide range of games
Bingo Bonga🚀 Daily cashback of up to 20%
Playzilla🃏 Fast payouts and live games
Thrillsy🤑 Ongoing bonuses
HotBet⚡ Cash prizes, free bets, and free spins
Boomerang🌟 Promotions offered every weekend
ICE Casino🎰 3500+ slot games
Spin City🥇 Bonuses for each deposit
Skycrown🎡 Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Comparing the Best Free Spin Bonuses in Canada

Free spins equal more chances to win, so naturally, you’ll want to get your hands on as many as possible. Listed below are the number of free spins on offer from our top online casinos in Canada.

CasinoFree Spins OfferWager RequirementExpiration Date
SlotimoUp to 400 (only during holidays)Gives out surprise free spins to existing customers25x7 days
Betonic2025x21 days
Bingo Bonga5040xNone
Playzilla20035x10 days
HotBetNo offer currently (frequent promotions throughout the year)35xNone
Boomerang20035x9 days
ICE Casino27035xNone
Spin City10040x5 days
Skycrown225 40xNone

4 Types of Free Spins Bonuses 

Free spins with no deposit requirements allow you to play games without using any money. You probably knew that already, but did you also know that there are different types of free spins? Let’s go over in detail the kinds of free spins bonuses you can get and how they can benefit you. 

1. Deposit Match Welcome Offers

Deposit match welcome offers are one of the most popular free spin bonuses in the online casino world. They are basically free spins given out in exchange for a deposit made to your account. 

How do they work?

You deposit funds into your account, and the casino gives you free spins equal to the funds you deposited. For example, if you deposit $300, you’ll get 300 free spins in return. The free spins you get typically match the deposit you made at 100%, although some online casinos like Slotimo will sometimes give you a higher deposit match. 

Slotimo Logo
300% up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus

2. No Deposit Free Spins

Another common type of free spin offer is no deposit free spins. Unlike deposit match welcome offers, no deposit is required to be eligible for one of these offers. This makes them completely risk-free.

To get no deposit-free spins, all you need to do is create an account. Remember that you may be limited to certain games and the offer could expire — so ensure you read all the terms and conditions for your no deposit bonus

3. Existing Customer Free Spin Offers

Many online casinos offer free spins with no deposit as rewards for current customers. The existing customer free spin offer will allow you to get free spins without making a deposit. The free spins may be offered weekly, monthly, or even annually depending on which casino site you are visiting.

Remember to read the fine print as casinos might still require a minimum deposit, and there will be a wagering requirement.

4. Loyalty & VIP Free Spins Bonuses

You’ve probably heard of those customer loyalty schemes retail stores often have. Well, online casinos have something a bit similar. It’s called Loyalty & VIP free spin bonuses. This means online casinos reward long-term customers with free spins to show appreciation. For example, Slotimo gives out free spins to long-term customers as a gift. 

As we said before, ensure you read the terms and conditions — you may still need a deposit to claim the free spins.

Just How Many Free Spins Can I Get?

The number of free spins you can claim depends on which online casino you join. Each casino will have different terms and conditions, and you may not be eligible for free spins offers all the time. Some casinos only offer free spins to new players, while others exclude new players entirely from their free spins offers. We have created a table showing the top 10 online casinos in Canada, the number of free spins they offer, and the bonuses they have. 

Less than 50 Spins

Having less than 50 free spins might sound a bit worthless — but it’s still extra opportunities to win. These three casinos offer less than 50 free spins along with other great bonus deals: 

Betonic100% up to $300
Thrillsy100% up to $500
Hot Bet100% up to $100 
Betonic Logo
300% up to C$1,500 +20 FS

50-100 Spins

50 to 100 free spins are probably the most common offer you’ll find — and It’s not a bad amount of spins either. You’ll be able to find a 50-100 free spin offer from one of these casinos (plus some bonuses).  

Bingo Bonga100% Match Bonus up to $100
Spin City100% bonus on first deposit 
Bingo Bonga Logo
Daily Cashback up to 20%

100-200 Spins

At 100+ spins, you’re probably entering the free spin with deposit territory. The following casinos will give you 100-200 free spins in return for a deposit. 

Boomerang50% up to $700
Playzilla100% bonus up to $500
Boomerang Logo
100% up to $500 + 200 Free Spins

200+ Spins

A free spins offer totalling 200+ free spins is very rare. However, you will be required to deposit money if you want to claim. Nonetheless, it’s still a very good deal. And here are the other benefits you’ll get from these three casinos: 

Ice Casino$1500 bonus for first 4 deposits 
SkycrownWelcome Package of up to $500
Slotimo$1500 welcome bonus
IceCasino Logo
Up to C$1,500 + 270 Free Spins

Free Spins Bonuses: The Fine Print

There’s little point in accepting a free spin offer that asks for a $50 deposit in return for 5 spins. Reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the casino’s offer will allow you to pinpoint and avoid low-quality offers. Here are the most common factors laid out in the fine print of free spins bonuses:

Wagering Requirement

Your free spin bonus will come with something known as a wagering requirement. This is a condition that affects the number of winnings you can withdraw. If you have not met the wagering requirement, you won’t be able to withdraw your casino winnings

Take this example…

An online casino’s wagering requirement is 40x. You win $500 using a free spin. To withdraw your winnings, you would need to wager (bet) $500, forty times. So, you’d need to place a bet of at least CA$ 20,000 in order to withdraw your winnings. 

A wagering limit of 40x is not uncommon for online casinos – and some go even higher.  

This is sort of disappointing, right?

Luckily, there are better options out there. Slotimo, for example, has a wagering requirement of 25x. A small amount of online casinos even have bonuses without any wagering requirements.  

Time Limit

There’s usually a time limit on free spin bonuses, However, some never expire. The majority of the time though, the offer limit ranges from 7 to 30 days. It’s best to use your free spins as soon as you are able just in case you forget about them.  

Payment Method Restrictions

Bear in mind that not all online casinos can accept credit cards, prepaid cards, or PayPal. Slotimo can accept these payment methods along with bank wire, e-wallet companies, and of course debit. Know that most online casinos don’t accept cryptocurrencies

Game Restrictions

Many casinos limit the use of free spins on games with better odds or large jackpots. Sometimes they also restrict the slot categories you can play. 

Slotimo free spins can be used on all games and slot categories.  

Maximum Win Amount 

Like with the type of games, some providers restrict the amount you can win when using free spins. If you were to win the jackpot using your free spin, the winnings you actually get will be significantly less than what the jackpot was — the winnings typically equal the amount of money you deposited in your account. So you may take home $50 rather than $500,000. 

Which Free Spins Offer Is Right For Me?

To ensure you pick the best offer for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Is the offer genuine?

Unfortunately, scams are very common in the online casino world. Confirm that the casino is legitimate by searching it up on ScamAdviser or Trustpilot. We suggest you only accept free spin offers from the online casinos mentioned in our top 10 list – we have taken the time to verify them all. 

What exactly do I want from this offer?

If you are a serious gambler who wants to increase your chances of winning big, try a deposit match welcome offer at 250%. Looking for a bit of fun with the possibility of taking home a little extra cash? Opt for a free spin no deposit offer.

Do the terms and conditions work for me?

Read the terms and conditions to ensure your free spins offer is fair and works for you. Always choose offers that let you play on all games with a low wagering requirement. 

How To Claim Free Spins Bonuses With Slotimo  

Want to claim up to 400 free spins? Here’s how to do that in 4 simple steps… 

Step 1: Register With Slotimo 

Simply head on over to Slotimo. You can access the site from a phone, tablet, or desktop. From there, click the green “register” button. Next, you’ll be taken to an online form you’ll need to fill in. Remember to read and accept the terms and conditions: 

Step 2: Prove Your Identity

To protect itself from fraud, Slotimo needs to verify the identity of everyone that wants to join. You must send a photo of your government-issued ID to the Slotimo customer service team:

Step 3: Claim Up to 400 Free Spins

Slotimo offers a free spins bonus of up to 400, but only during holidays. There’s no promo code needed, you just need to be registered. So keep an eye out on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. A deposit is required to access the 400 free spins offer.

Step 4: You’re Ready To Play!

You can now start playing on Slotimo’s wide array of games including slots, table games, TV games, sports betting and much more! 

Slotimo Logo
300% up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus

Getting Started With Slotimo: FAQs 

How old do players need to be? 

If you want to gamble and play free spins, Canada has laws that state players need to be 19. Although if you are located in the 

Why do I have to provide my personal details?

As a licensed online casino in Canada, Slotimo does have the legal right to request ID from potential customers. It is also necessary to confirm your date of birth. Slotimo promises to process your data confidentially, and you retain the right to request the deletion of your personal data. Your data will not be sold to third parties. 

Can I open multiple Slotimo accounts? 

No, this is against Slotimo’s rules. If you are found to possess multiple accounts, Slotimo may delete them and withdraw any offers and winnings you have in your account. 

Can my username be changed?

Yes, you will need to send a request to the customer service team:

I want to change my personal details. How do I do that?

You can change your contact information and address by clicking My Account and then Details. Remember to click save after you’ve altered your details. 

These are the most sought-after slot games at online casinos. Slotimo has them all so you’ll be able to use free spins on the following games.

♠ Blackjack

Blackjack is said to be the most popular slot game of all time. Cards are shuffled by the dealer. You and the dealer have around one to eight decks. If your cards add up to more than the dealer’s hand, you win. 

💰 Money Train 2 

Money Train 2, a wild west inspired slot game, is one of the hottest casino games right now. Players can win up to 50,000 in the main game, and there are two bonus rounds to further your chances of getting a payout. 

✨ Wilds of Fortune

Another highly popular classic slot game, Wilds of Fortune is your typical spin game. You simply match all three symbols to win a prize. The simplicity and above-average winning odds of the game are why Wilds of Fortune dominates the online casino scene. 

🔝 Gates of Olympus 

If you prefer more interactive games, Gates of Olympus might be perfect for you. The game will transport you back to Olympus, the mythological kingdom of the gods, and if you’re lucky you may return with a big win!

🍀 Rainbow Riches

A simple yet charming game, a spin on Rainbow Riches might not get you a pot of Gold. However, you are likely to take home a small win.  

Common Mistakes When Choosing Free Spins

Sure, popular casinos are in demand for good reason (more games, 24/7 customer service etc.) but there are downsides to them that will make you think twice. The main one is that you face more competition. Not only for playing games and betting but for free spin bonuses as well. 

You see, large and extremely popular casinos are less likely to give out free spin bonuses, and if they do, the bonus probably isn’t going to amount to anything more than 20 free spins. The whole idea of free spin bonuses is to attract new players and keep existing ones interested. If you already have a massive clientele and swarms of customers signing up each day, why bother with such promotions? 

This isn’t to say that a less popular casino is going to be low quality. Slotimo, for example, has been given high ratings time and time again. Overall, choosing a less mainstream online casino means less competition and more opportunities to gain a large number of free spins. 

Disregarding the Terms and Conditions 

Reading the fine print is highly important when selecting a free spins offer. The terms and conditions will tell you which type of offer it is (so you’ll know whether a deposit is needed or if you need to be an existing customer), the time limit, the wagering requirement, and whether you are restricted to certain games. 

Forgetting the Time Limit

It would be a real shame to gain 200+ free spins, and then never get to use them because the time limit has passed — especially if you had to put a deposit down in order to get them! You can prevent this from happening to you by making note of the time limit. Set a notification on your cell phone or write it on the calendar. While some offers might not have a time limit, it’s always best to confirm with the terms and conditions rather than just assuming. 

Not Keeping an Eye Out for New Promotions

You should consider signing up for promo notifications from whichever casino you are part of. This way, you’ll never miss out on any free spin bonuses. Sometimes casinos only offer promos to the first 200 or 500 players — by receiving promo notifications you’ll get to be one of the first in line. Casinos will let you decide your contact preferences, whether that be by phone, email, or post. However, we’d suggest signing up to text notifications if you don’t keep tabs on your emails that often. 

Trying to cheat the system

Casinos deal with all sorts of misconduct from players on a regular basis, so be prepared to be permanently banned from playing if you try to create multiple accounts in order to take advantage of free spins offers and or other bonuses. Any winnings you manage to earn from cheating the system will need to be paid back, and you could even have legal action taken against you! Instead of cheating the system, work on building better gambling strategies (more on this below). 

Can I Use Free Spins on My Smartphone?

Who says you need a laptop to play free spins? Nearly all online casinos are compatible with mobile phones — and some even have their own apps. You can also get a free spins offer by registering with a casino through their casino app

Tips for Using Free Spins Bonuses

We know you’re eager to start playing — but consider reading our tips first to make the most out of your free spins. 

Know Your Likelihood Of Winning 

When looking for a slot to play, don’t go for the ones that look the most fun. Instead, look at the RTP ratio of the slot game. This will tell you how likely you are to win a prize. Games with low RTP percentages give out prices less often. Ideally, you want to aim for an RTP percentage of 90% and above. 

Consider the Value of Your Free Spins

Believe it or not, 200 free spins with no deposit can actually be less valuable than 50 free spins from a deposit match offer. This is because casinos can decide the value of the free spins they give out. Naturally, the free spins you get from depositing money will have the highest spin value (be more likely to win a prize) since the casino wants to encourage you to keep depositing money. Of course, any free spin is still valuable — and the difference in value between the types of free spins may not apply to all casinos. 

Avoid Slow Cashout Speeds

You can avoid having to wait weeks or months for your prize to finally enter your bank account by not playing at casinos with long cashout speeds. There are plenty of casinos that will instantly pay out, within 24 hours or a few business days. 

Play Slots with a High Volatility

High volatility slots are games which are more likely to trigger a win, and that win can be large. Casinos will sometimes offer free spins specifically to be used on high-volatility slots, so it’s definitely recommended to claim an offer if you are lucky enough to receive one. 

Keep Your Account Safe 

Slotimo uses encryption technology to protect its players’ information from being used for theft or fraud. This means if someone were to hack into your account while you are online, they won’t be able to steal anything. You can protect your account when you are offline by never sharing personal details and by choosing a strong password.    

Conclusion: Best Online Casino (Canada) With Free Spin Bonuses 

Anything that has the word free in it should be something to catch your eye, and the same can be said for free spins. These are one of the most common bonus and promotional offers that are given by all online casinos, not just those in New Zealand. Sign up at one of our recommended free spin online casinos to start spinning the reels, and increase your chances of winning big or bagging an extra prize!

Slotimo Logo
300% up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus

Online Casino Free Spins FAQs:

Can You Win a Lot of Money Using Free Spins?

Absolutely! Slotimo’s highest jackpot is $2,656,685.89 and there’s no limit to which games you can use your free spins on.

Where in Canada Can I Get Free Spins?

Canada’s leading online casino, Slotimo, offers free spins of up to 400 regularly. You’ll need to register for an account to claim future offers.

What Are Free Spins?

A free spin lets you play a casino game for free. Although sometimes a deposit is required from you to receive free spins. You may also be restricted to certain games.

Are Free Spins Really ‘Free’?

Although casinos sometimes ask for a deposit to be eligible, you won’t pay anything for the free spins, so yes, free spins are free.

Can I Claim a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus on My Mobile?

To claim free spins you simply need to log into your account. Slotimo can be easily accessed via mobile or desktop.

Can I Win Real Money With Free Spins?

All legitimate online casinos like Slotimo payout with real money. Winnings will usually be withdrawn into your bank account, although some casinos permit cash alternatives and cryptocurrencies.