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Top Mastercard Casinos In New Zealand 2024

Ramona Depares
Ramona Depares
Casino & Sportbooks Expert
  • Mastercard is one of the most trusted payment options for deposits and withdrawals.
  • You enjoy secure and quick transactions accessible from any part of New Zealand.
  • Mastercard casinos offer many benefits, including bonus packages, free games, and zero transaction fees.
  • Find the best Mastercard online casinos in New Zealand 2024.

New Zealand’s Top Mastercard Casinos List

Best NZ Casino
Bingo Bonga Logo
Daily Cashback up to 20%
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $7.500
  • Casino games: 5000+
$1,500 NZD + 270 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 6000+
100% up to $200 + 20 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
$2,400 NZD + 500 FS
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 6000+
Up to $3,000 NZD + 350 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+
100% up to $200 + 20 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
Up to $3,000 NZD + 350 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+
Up to $3,000 NZD + 200 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+
Up to €$1000 Welcome Bonus
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
Up to $6,000 NZD + 200 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 5000+
Up to $2,000 Cash & 150 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.20 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
100% up to $1,000 NZD
  • Withdrawal time: 1-4 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.20 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4500+
100% Bonus up to $1,200 + 20 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-5 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.10 - $3.000
  • Casino games: 4000+
$5,000 NZD + 300 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-5 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 8000+
100% up to 10,000$ + 100 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 3000+
100% up to 10,000$ + 100 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 3000+
115% Bonus up to NZ$560 + 100 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 1-5 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $5.000
  • Casino games: 4500+
100% up to $300 Welcome Bonus
  • Withdrawal time: 0-5 days
  • Wagering limits: $0.05 - $10.000
  • Casino games: 7000+

Our top list of Mastercard casinos meets all the standards and regulations concerning player safety. Each of the casinos has been thoroughly tested and has a green light to safely transact with Mastercard. Check out our top list of Mastercard casinos below.

Boomerang🏆Overall Best Mastercard Casino
Slotimo💰 Generous Mastercard Deposit Bonuses
Bingo Bonga❄️ Safe and Secure Mastercard Transactions
ZotaBet💳 Top Mastercard Casino for Fast & Secure Payments
Thrillsy🎁 Best Mastercard Casino for Rewards and Bonuses
GGBet🔒 Most Trusted Mastercard Casino for Safe Transactions

Categorising The Top 3 Mastercard Casinos In New Zealand

While each MasterCard casino had its general share of benefits, each had specific highlights we used to rate them. The below bullet points show exactly what we found out during our testing. 

Boomerang: #1 Overall Mastercard Casino

Boomerang Homepage
  •  Exciting welcome bonus for new players with over 3000 game titles. 
  •  Mastercard deposits are safe and instant. 
  • Withdrawals via Mastercard can take up to 24 hours. 
  • Best gaming experience with constant VIP loyalty points for Mastercard players. 

Slotimo: Diverse Game Titles 

Slotimo Slots
  • Slotimo’s Mastercard welcome package comes up to $1,500  
  • The casino offers great minimum deposits for Mastercard payments at only $10
  •  Mastercard withdrawals have a maximum limit of up to $5,000 per week
  • Slotimo is well-known and has mobile-friendly games and a live casino
Slotimo Logo
Up to €$1000 Welcome Bonus

Bingo Bonga: Leader In Cashback Casino 

Bingo Bonga Homepage
  •  Bingo Bonga offers Mastercard players daily 20% cashback offers. 
  •  There are over 10 payment alternatives apart from Mastercard. 
  •  Payments can be made using the free to download Bingo Bonga mobile casino app. 
Bingo Bonga Logo
Daily Cashback up to 20%

What Is A Mastercard Online Casino?

A Mastercard online casino is a gambling site that accepts Mastercard as a form of payment. It could be a debit, credit, or voucher card, depending on the player. Mastercard casinos offer players a diverse game selection and the flexibility to make payments at any time. Plus, you also get zero transaction fees when doing withdrawals and deposits. Transactions from these sites are easy, secure, free, and fast. 

The majority of New Zealand Mastercard casinos strive to entice players through bonuses, daily cashback, free spins, and VIP access whenever they use Mastercard. It is common to find casinos with up to a 100% welcome bonus for Mastercard clients or a 50% bonus with a couple of free spins. The extra incentives make players learn more about a specific game whilst still standing a chance to win real money. 

Furthermore, Mastercard online casinos never compromise on safety. It is the most revered aspect of online gambling and we can’t agree more. Mastercard casinos use the latest data encryption technology to provide better security and allow regular checks for fair play. The casino sites are licensed and regulated by several bodies, mostly based in Malta. 

Apart from safety concerns, Mastercard casinos never miss game selection and offer anywhere from 1000 to 5000 game titles. Each title has a unique theme that you’d easily get fond of as you play. The games have different RTPs, jackpot prizes, volatility, and stake limits. If you want games from your top software provider, Mastercard casinos will likely have it in store. 

When you think of playing on mobile devices, there is always a risk of losing graphics, ultimately watering down the experience. However, you’d be surprised that Mastercard casinos offer pure high-definition graphics with a flash technology that keeps it that way no matter the device. These casinos leverage advanced technologies like HTML5 for a better experience on mobile devices.   

Company nameMastercard Inc.
HeadquartersSt Purchase, NY 10577, United States
Established (year)1966
CEOMichael Meibach
RegulationUS Federal Trade Commission
Number of countries using Mastercard210
Phone number1-636-722-7111
Payment duration0-72 hours
Security FeaturesTwo-step authentication, tokenization, end-to-end encryption
Number of customers in New Zealand13% of Credit Card users
Number of customers worldwide1.5billion

How Does Mastercard Work?

Mastercard is an online payment system that has been in the industry for over five decades. The process involves four entities: Mastercard, the merchant, the banks, and cardholders. In this case, you’re the cardholder and the casino is the merchant. 

Mastercard found a way to integrate payments from banks to merchants and cardholders in over 200 countries, including New Zealand. This service has been tested over the years and over its existence has been one of the most convenient and safe payment systems after banks. The technology is what enables you to make deposits and withdrawals from anywhere in New Zealand. 

Mastercard essentially communicates with the bank whenever you request a withdrawal and provides a safe environment for the transfer to your merchant. Once the bank authorises this transaction, Mastercard sends the funds to your casinos, a process similar to casino withdrawals as well. 

Pros And Cons Of Mastercard Online Casinos?

Mastercard is by far the most common method of payment for casinos in New Zealand. While it has a few setbacks for online players, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. It is the best alternative payment for casino transactions. 

If you want to make quick deposits and take advantage of time, a Mastercard can come in handy. It makes online gambling so smooth and seamless with super-fast transactions that allow you to start playing immediately. 

The reasonably low processing fees make Mastercard casinos a staple payment option for most casino players today. It goes between 1.4% to 2.4% of the amount transacted, dispensing on the bank. Luckily, casinos will not charge anything for deposits and withdrawals. 

We can’t stress enough how much safety is paramount. Mastercard casinos give you the comfort that a customer’s money and personal information is safe. Technologies such as ID Theft protection and Zero Liability, allow them to track and prevent fraudulent activities and theft. 


  • Quick payments 
  • Minimal processing fees
  • Mastercard handles both withdrawals and deposits 
  • Mobile-friendly interface 
  • Bonus perks for players


  • Some casinos may not allow Mastercard withdrawals 
  • Certain bank institutions may take time to process payments
  • Fees vary from bank to bank. 

How To Make An Online Casino Mastercard Deposit

Mastercard payments are quite easy and depositing takes only a few minutes. In simple steps from registering to the gambling site, and providing cards, details, and deposit funds, you will be ready to enjoy your favourite game. Take an example like Boomerang, our top Mastercard casino in New Zealand has a similar experience when making deposits and withdrawals. 

Step 1: Pick A Mastercard Casino and Register An Account

Select one of our top casinos and go to the cashier section on the homepage. Select deposit and choose “Mastercard Deposit” from the menu. You’ll be prompted with mastercard options for deposit. 

Step 2: Select Mastercard As A Payment Method

Once you go to Mastercard deposit, you will be asked to fill in details of your mastercard including the card number, expiry date, and CVV number. Ensure you have your Mastercard close by to fill in this information. 

Step 3: Deposit using Mastercard

If the casino accepts your Mastercard, you can choose the amount you wish to deposit. Most casinos accept NZ$ as the currency, so you don’t have to stress about the exchange rates. 

Step 4: Enjoy

Slotimo Slots

Mastercard casinos are excellent because they work instantly. In no time you’ll have your funds in the casino wallets and start to play your favourite games. 

How To Withdraw In New Zealand Mastercard Casinos After Depositing 

There is really no difference in the process when withdrawing funds from an online casino. It is still fast and easy to cash out, especially if you use the same Mastercard to make deposits. Note that some casinos may not allow Mastercard withdrawals so you may need to check first. 

Step 1: Check Wagering Requirements If Using Bonus 

It is crucial to know if you have qualified for the withdrawal thresholds if you used your bonus to make bets. Each casino has its own wagering terms and you won’t be able to withdraw if you haven’t fulfilled them. 

Step 2: Choose Mastercard

Go to the cashier section on the home page and select Withdraw. A drop-down menu will pop up and select Mastercard as the payment form. 

Step 3: Fill In Withdrawal Form

When you click on Mastercard, a form will pop up. Fill in the details required such as card number, expiry date, CVV, and preferred currency. Ensure the details match what you entered while depositing for a seamless process. 

Step 4: Select The Amount

Mastercard casinos have varying withdrawal limits and are usually between $10-$2500. Select the amount you want to withdraw within the casino’s limits and wait for the transaction to complete. It usually takes about 24 hours to process withdrawals. 

Step 5: Enjoy Winnings

When the money is reflected in your account, you can withdraw via any ATM in New Zealand or use it for online purchases. You can also send it to family and friends! 

How We Rate Mastercard Casinos

You may be wondering how our experts manage to select the top picks in New Zealand Mastercard casinos. We have a transparent and thorough process that goes into every crevice and detail of the casino. So, if you see a high score, just know the casino has passed checks like mobile-friendliness, compatibility, game selection, bonuses, safety, and live casino games. 

Mastercard Compatibility

The top Mastercard casinos should have seamless compatibility with Mastercard and work anywhere in New Zealand. They should also accept the local currency or multiple currencies. 

Game Selection

Games enhance the player’s experience in the casino. So, by expanding the number of games, the casino makes itself more enjoyable and likely to get return customers. We also checked the game volatility, themes, and RTP or Return to Player rates. 

Live Casino

The effect of a live casino is massive, especially for someone who has been in a physical casino. A Mastercard casino should have at least ten live casino games to be considered a top player in iGaming. 

Player Safety

It is better to worry about safety than which casino game to play. The best safety indicators in Mastercard casinos are secure software, licensed company, data encryption, and best gambling practices. 

Mobile Friendly

The mobile experience is convenient in online casinos and should be a bare minimum. Casinos that had the most reliable mobile responsiveness had the most points. We believe every New Zealand player should be able to access and transact using Mastercard at any online casino, regardless of their mobile device. 

Customer Service

Customer service comes in handy whenever you experience challenges. We believe online casinos should have always-on customer support with the ability to live chat or communicate over an email or phone. 

Bonuses & Promos

Bonuses and promotions ensure players get the best experience and another shot at playing their favourite game. It is a good gesture from casinos, especially when they provide multiple bonuses such as free spins, cashback, and VIP loyalty points. 

Mastercard Processing Times, Limits, and Fees

While we agree Mastercard deposits are instant, we cannot say the same for withdrawals. But is it comparable to a faster withdrawal payment alternative that charges high transaction fees? In this section, we look at the different aspects of Mastercard that make it a reliable option, despite the small setbacks it may have. 


Fees are the most critical aspect of payments. The best Mastercard casinos have zero transaction fees for Mastercard deposits and withdrawals. However, we recommend reading the terms and conditions in detail to eliminate any chance of attracting a fee. Some casinos charge transaction fees but will never go beyond 2%. 

Payout Times 

Mastercard has ensured all deposits are instant at almost every online casino. This is a deliberate option to encourage frequent deposits in a hassle-free process. Fast deposits also mean you enjoy more games and get better chances of winning due to punctuality in tournaments. Withdrawals, on the other hand, may take a bit longer. Our experts found the fastest withdrawal time between 24 hours and 48 hours. 


Limits are another critical concern for casino players. A site with a wide limit range enhances your bankroll and encourages professional gamblers to join their site. Most Mastercard casinos in New Zealand have limits between $4000 and $8000 per week. Some casinos may offer as much as $10k per week, which can be quite generous. Also, lower deposit limits mean you can test the casino without risking a lot of money. 

Why Select Mastercard For Casino Deposits

To stay competitive, modern payment systems tailor their services to meet customers’ needs. Mastercard tends to be a better alternative for quick deposits and safe transactions in online casinos. It is also a widely trusted payment processor and there are barely any major disadvantages when using Mastercard services. 

Quick Deposits

It’s a no-brainer almost all top Mastercard casinos in New Zealand prioritise instant deposits. Players want to jump into the fun as soon as they choose a game they like and if it means depositing money, then it has to process fast. In hindsight, instant deposits favour professional gamblers who may save a minute or two and increase their chances of winning. 

Quick Withdrawals

Nothing beats you down like a winning that takes forever to withdraw. Casino players prefer sites with fast withdrawals. Mastercard casinos take about 24 to 48 hours to process withdrawals due to several verification processes. It may not be the fastest time for Mastercard casinos and we expect them to shorten the time in the future. 

Worldwide Established Payment Service

Customers like using casinos that have good reviews and have been in the industry for long enough to understand the market. Mastercard is a global payment processor with a huge network spanning across 210 countries. This means you won’t have any transaction problems outside New Zealand. Plus, your money will be safe wherever you go. 

Types Of Mastercard Cards

Apart from Visa, Mastercard has the most users in New Zealand, totalling almost 13% of all credit card transactions. If you belong to those that don’t own a Mastercard, you’re in the right place. We’ll try to explain the different types and how to get one from your local bank. 

Debit Cards

You can get a Mastercard by visiting your local bank and providing a few details before obtaining the card. Debit cards are common as they financially make sense to most people. This Mastercard card works by only debiting you the money that’s in your bank account. It does not take any overdrafts. 

Credit Cards

Credit cards are common and offered by plenty of financial entities across the globe. If you choose this card, you’ll have access to specific amounts of money, regardless if it is in your account or not. The card credits your account and you’re allowed to play at a later date.

Voucher Cards

Another Mastercard card with the easiest payment method is the voucher card. These cards work the same as gift cards and they have specific amounts of cash preloaded in the card. You can buy this card in the bank, but several stores also offer Mastercard Voucher cards. 

Can I Claim My Welcome Bonus With Mastercard?

Welcome bonuses are the most talked about feature in online casinos, and Mastercard casinos know that. Whenever you deposit using Mastercard, you qualify for a welcome bonus in most casinos. This bonus means that you get anywhere from 50% to 100% of your money back to play more games. 

To redeem your welcome bonus, you’ll need the bonus code. Go to the promotions page of your casino website and click on the appropriate promotions. Copy the code and then paste it when depositing funds. The bonus will show along with your balance if the code works. 

Sometimes the codes have expiry dates. If your code isn’t working, call the customer care team to sort it out. We recommend casinos with 24/7 customer support or a live chat option where you can get answers instantly. 

Alternative Casino Banking Options

Though Mastercard is a widely popular payment method, it may have a few drawbacks that are not enticing for some players. If you feel the need for an alternative, there are a few options available at online casinos. Some common alternatives in New Zealand include Visa, Paysafecard, Skrill, Paypal, and Bitcoin. 

These online alternatives are still safe and secure but have more perks such as fast withdrawals and high anonymity. For instance, Bitcoin is a fast-growing payment system that uses blockchain technology which does not identify the user during transactions. Also, bitcoin payments are fast and withdrawals are typically instant. 

Conclusion: Top Mastercard Casinos In New Zealand 2024

There is no competition for Mastercard’s dominance in the online casino and gaming payments world. On New Zealand casino gambling websites, it is, without a doubt, the most recognizable, hassle-free, safe, and practical alternative.  

Huge delays during withdrawals are always a gambler’s worst nightmare. Mastercard’s instant deposits reduce wait times, with withdrawals also being fast, with most processed within 24 hours, if not instantly.

To top it off, Mastercard compensates players with plenty of perks at top online casinos with welcome packages, free spins, daily cashback, and VIP loyalty programs that can be claimed using your Mastercard.

Head to our recommended list of Mastercard online casino sites for Kiwi players to start enjoying the speed, ease and simplicity of making payments to and from the casino using your Mastercard – claim those bonuses to get extra gameplay and hopefully score a big win!

Slotimo Logo
Up to €$1000 Welcome Bonus

FAQs: Top Mastercard Casinos In New Zealand 2024

What is Mastercard?

Mastercard is an online payment system that allows contactless transactions from banks to online vendors and merchants. It is a common payment form in online casinos because it is fast, reliable, and hassle-free. 

How do I deposit with Mastercard at an online casino in New Zealand?

It is quite simple to deposit funds at any Mastercard online casino. Head over to the home page and select Deposit. Once you’re on the withdrawal page, enter your card details and the amount you wish to deposit. Click on Confirm and wait for funds to reflect in your casino account. 

Are there any fees associated with using Mastercard?

Mastercard has a small fee charged by the bank ranging from 1% to 2.4%. This is typically what the bank would charge for any other transaction. Most top online casinos do not charge Mastercard payments and should be free. Very few casinos will charge for Mastercard payments if there are any. 

Can I use Mastercard to claim my welcome bonus?

Yes. You can claim your welcome bonus if you make deposits using your Mastercard. Simply go to the promotions page and look for the specific welcome bonus code. Copy the code and paste it when asked during registration. The money will reflect along with your casino wallet balance and you can use it to play casino games. 

What alternative Casino banking Options are available?

Plenty of companies offer similar services such as Paypal, and Bitcoin. Paysafecard, and Visa. These alternatives are safe and even faster than Mastercard withdrawals. For instance, Bitcoin is very popular nowadays and is slowly becoming the preferred method for instant withdrawals.