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Best Online Poker Casino For Real Money In Ireland 2024

Ramona Depares
Ramona Depares
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  • Poker is perhaps the most famous card game ever, dating all the way back to the 1800s.
  • Poker is strategic, social, and fun overall with plenty of different variants.
  • Learn about online poker variants, winning strategies, exciting bonuses and tournaments.
  • Find the best poker online casinos and games to play for real money in Ireland for 2024!
Best Online Poker Casinos TLG

Top Poker Online Casinos For Irish Players 2024 🇮🇪

100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: €0.05 - €10.000
  • Casino games: 7000+
Welcome pack: up to €500 + 225 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-2 days
  • Wagering limits: €0.05 - €10.000
  • Casino games: 6000+
Daily cashback up to 20% + Raffle with prize pool of €2000
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: €0.05 - €7.500
  • Casino games: 5000+
Welcome offer: up to €500 + 150 Free Spins
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: €0.05 - €8000
  • Casino games: 5000+
100% up to €1000 + 150 FS
  • Withdrawal time: 0-3 days
  • Wagering limits: €0.05 - €7.500
  • Casino games: 5000+

With dozens of different casino sites to pick from, we recommend visiting one of the below five online casinos for Irish players. They are well known for their ease of use, bonuses, and variety of different poker games.

Boomerang🥇 Top Online Poker Casino
Bingo Bonga💰 Best Poker Cashback Promos
Skycrown💎 Exciting Poker Loyalty Rewards
GreatWin🏇🏼 Online Poker Casino With Sports Betting
Goodman📱 Mobile-Friendly Poker Casino

Reviewing The Top Online Poker Casinos In Ireland 2024

Each of the best online casinos in Ireland for playing poker has distinct benefits, advantages, and interesting features. Read on to learn more about each online Irish casino.

Boomerang Casino: Overall Best Poker Online Casino

Boomerang Homepage
  • Boomerang Casino has an easy-to-access top picks list for poker games, so it’s very simple to find the right poker game for your needs or experience level.
  • Boomerang has tons of different poker varieties, including Oasis Poker, Russian Poker, baccarat, American Poker V, Caribbean Beach Poker, Turbo Poker, and more, just to name a few.
  • Boomerang Casino’s welcome bonus is generous and can also be used for poker games. The first deposit bonus is a 100% deposit match of up to €500.
  • Boomerang is also well known for its live casino, which includes live poker offerings and other live table games like blackjack and roulette.
Boomerang Logo
100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

Bingo Bonga: Incredible Poker Cashback Rewards

Bingo Bonga Homepage
  • Bingo Bonga’s poker variety is astounding, with dozens of different poker titles to choose from.
  • Bingo Bonga’s live casinos are also well known for their professionalism and special bonuses, like separate welcome offers for live casino fans.
  • Bingo Bonga offers a wide range of different deposit and withdrawal methods, including lesser-known options like iDebit and Jeton.
  • Bingo Bonga has a high cash-out limit of €1500 monthly, so it’s great if you like to participate in high-stakes poker tournaments and games with big payouts.
Bingo Bonga Logo
Daily cashback up to 20% + Raffle with prize pool of €2000

Skycrown: Excellent Loyalty Rewards For Poker Players

Skycrown Homepage
  • Skycrown is best known for its poker welcome package, which is worth up to €4000. You can use that bonus cash at your favourite poker tables.
  • Skycrown Casino makes it easy for you to fund your account since it offers a wide range of different payment methods, including crypto payments that go through in a matter of moments.
  • Overall, Skycrown has one of the largest game totals, with over 5000 different games to choose from.
  • Skycrown’s poker varieties are some of the most popular, so it’s great for entry-level poker players. Variants include Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold’em, and Joker Poker.
Skycrown Logo
Welcome pack: up to €500 + 225 Free Spins

GreatWin: Top-Notch Poker And Sportsbetting Games

GreatWin Homepage
  • GreatWin Casino has excellent live casino games provided by top software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Play’N GO, and ELA Games.
  • GreatWin’s poker varieties include Caribbean Poker, live poker, Texas Hold’em, and more.
  • GreatWin’s site more than makes up for the fact that it doesn’t have a mobile app, as it runs smoothly on mobile devices that are even a few years old.
  • GreatWin offers several weekly challenges and tournaments, including some for live poker games, making it ideal for those who wish to progressively improve their skills.

Goodman: Mobile Optimised Casino With Poker

Goodman Homepage
  • Goodman offers live poker, video poker, and poker tournaments that all run perfectly well on mobile devices of all types.
  • Goodman Casino’s withdrawal limit is among the highest in history at €30,000 per month.
  • Goodman has a “poker hall” where all poker games are collected and easily accessible, making it easy for new players to jump right in.
  • Goodman’s welcome bonus can be used for poker games (though not live poker), and it’s a bonus of up to €500+150 free spins.
Goodman Logo
Welcome offer: up to €500 + 150 Free Spins

Why Is Online Poker So Popular?

Online poker is so popular, in large part, because it’s a fast-paced, strategic game that lots of people want to become good at. Poker is one of the most popular table games at land-based casinos thanks to its inherent excitement and its impact on pop culture.

Online poker allows players to enjoy this table game without having to make the potentially lengthy trip to a land-based casino. Furthermore, free online poker lets players test and hone their skills before joining tournaments and putting real money on the line.

Even better, real money online poker enables poker fans to test their skills against others from the comfort of their home, during the commute to work, and elsewhere. Modern online poker is responsive, fast-paced, and smooth – you can connect with other players from anywhere in the world with online poker absent casino sites, so it’s no trouble finding a game.
In this way, online poker is popular for both newcomers to the game and for experienced poker players. Plus, poker is different from other table games in that payouts are almost entirely determined based on player bets, skill, and boldness.

There’s no RTP or house advantage to worry about, so many players feel that the outcome is entirely in their hands.

Online Poker Vs Classical Poker: Benefits Of Modern Poker Play

While classic poker is still highly popular around the world, it’s also true that online poker is more convenient. Thanks to smartphones, it’s now possible to play online poker for free anywhere, anytime.

There are other benefits and potential downsides of modern poker play over the Internet, including:

Benefits Of Modern Online Poker

  • You can play poker anytime you want rather than having to wait until the weekend!
  • Online poker has a slower pace, so it’s easier for players to learn the ropes.
  • There are lots of different poker varieties and rule sets to learn.
  • You can play online poker on practically any device.
  • As you gain skill, you can challenge higher-skilled opponents from around the world and develop those skills even further.
  • You can transfer poker winnings to any preferred account or payment method with the touch of a button.

Downsides Of Modern Online Poker

  • It can be easier than you think to play poker for longer than you mean to since it’s so fun!
  • Non-live online poker doesn’t let you see other players face-to-face, which removes the social aspect of the game.

Best Poker Game Variants 

Online Poker TLG

There isn’t just one way to play poker. Even though you might have heard of Texas Hold’em as the most popular poker variety, there are plenty of other popular poker game variants you might encounter at the best Irish online casinos. Let’s take a closer look. 

Poker VersionRTPLimits
Texas Hold’em98.55%€1 – €1000
Omaha97.32%€1 – €100
Draw Poker98.20%€1 – €500
7-Card Stud98.18%€1 – €1000
5-Card Stud98.18%€1 – €500
Caribbean Stud97.44%€1 – €2,000
3-Card Poker97.52%€1 – €10,000
Pai Gow Poker97.15%€1 – €200

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game, and you can bet it’ll be found on any online casino or poker website. With this poker variation, every player gets two cards face down. Five cards are dealt to the middle of the table, and players can combine their two cards with the five table cards in the centre. Any combination of these cards can be used to make the best possible hand.

In Texas Hold’em, betting rounds take place during certain stages. Any player who has unfolded and who has the best hand at the end of the round wins any money in the pot at that point.


Omaha High is another community poker card game and fairly similar to Texas Hold’em. However, unlike with Texas Hold’em, Omaha High poker has each player dealt four cards instead of two. Players then have to make the best hand using exactly two cards out of the four they are dealt. They must also use exactly 3 of the five community cards.

In this way, Omaha High poker is both more freeing and more limited compared to Texas Hold’em. It’s similar enough to Texas Hold’em that you can usually jump into a game if you have some experience with the former.

Draw Poker

There are many types of draw poker, including 5-card Draw (mentioned in more detail below). However, the defining factor is this: every player gets dealt a complete hand before the initial round of betting. They can then develop their hands by exchanging cards or drawing cards from the deck.

It’s a popular choice among beginner poker fans as there’s a perception of extra opportunities to improve one’s hand if they have an initial run of bad luck.

7-Card Stud

7-Card Stud was arguably the most popular poker type before Texas Hold’em took over tournaments in the early 2000s. 7-Card Stud is more strategic and challenging compared to other poker varieties.

In 7-Card Stud, there are no community cards save for very specific circumstances. Each player receives seven cards in total and tries to make the best five-card poker hand possible out of their deals. 

5-Card Draw

5-Card Draw focuses primarily on the cards each player is dealt, while leaving a little extra room for strategy. The goal is the same as always: make the best hand out of five cards possible.

Each player gets five cards, then proceeds to an initial round of betting. Players place their bets, but they can then exchange up to three different cards before they move to the next betting round. After that, the player with the best five-card hand wins. To win 5-Card Draw, you often need to be very good at reading your opponents.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud Poker, which can also be called Casino Stud Poker, is a unique casino table game very similar to 5-Card Stud. However, all the players participate against the house instead of each other; thus, there are no opportunities to bluff or deceive, making this a better poker game for those who have difficulty reading faces.

In Caribbean Stud Poker, all players get five cards face-down after they place an initial bet. The dealer deals a five-card hand to themselves, but places one card up. Players can decide whether they wish to increase their bets based on the revealed card.

3-Card Poker

3-Card Poker is one of the most popular online gaming varieties, as it doesn’t require you to play against other players. Because of this, you can play it by yourself online at many popular Irish online casinos.

The goal is to make the best three-card poker hand you can, and you can’t exchange or draw cards like with blackjack or other poker varieties. This simple, fast-paced poker game is ideal if you are learning the ropes of poker for the first time.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a type of Pai Gow played with cards rather than Chinese dominoes. Created in 1985, it’s played with a normal 52-card deck in addition to an extra joker and can be played with six players in addition to the dealer. The players tried to defeat the banker or casino dealer instead of each other.

The goal is to make a five-card poker hand and an extra two-card poker hand using seven cards that beat two different bankers’ hands. Furthermore, the five-card hand has to have a higher rank than the two-card hand, adding an additional layer of strategic complexity to the mix.

Mixed Games

Mixed poker games are any poker games that include more than one poker variation at a table in a rotation. For example, a table might have no limit Texas Hold’em and pot limit Hold’em, or it might include five different poker games played in a sequence.

Poker games are popular because they keep the action fun, exciting, and different each time. However, they are usually only great for live casino games or in-person tournaments because of the complexity. Furthermore, you need to know how to play poker very well to hold your own in these kinds of environments.

Finding The Best Real Money Online Casino To Play Poker 

While there are plenty of top online casinos where you can play poker in Ireland, you’ll only want to spend your time and money at the best of the best. Fortunately, you can find stellar online Irish casinos with poker games by looking for a few key attributes.

  1. Poker variations and game developers

    The more poker varieties a casino has, the better. If those poker games are made by top developers, you can bet you’ll be in for a phenomenal gaming experience with no lag.

  2. Good poker bonuses and free roll tournaments

    Naturally, if you like playing poker, you’ll want to take advantage of excellent casino bonuses and be able to participate in high-paying tournaments that result in big prizes.

  3. Fair bonus terms

    Some online casino poker bonuses can have a lot of strings attached. Look for a casino with bonus requirements that are easy to clear and read through

  4. Live dealer poker

    To really enjoy poker games online, participate in a live-streamed poker game against other players or the casino. In either case, you’ll have a great time and oftentimes benefit from better bonuses and higher betting limits.

  5. Great customer support

    Don’t stick with a casino that doesn’t have good customer support available 24/7 so you can get access to tech service and find answers to your questions ASAP.

  6. Ample payment methods

    The best Irish online casinos should allow you to pay for your poker games using a variety of methods, like data card deposits, crypto payments, and more.

  7. Licenses and security

    Good Irish online casinos with poker games should be licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or other reputable licensure organizations. They should also have excellent online security to protect your funds and your personal information.

  8. Mobile-friendly poker games

    If you want to play poker on your mobile device, make sure the app or website is optimized for mobile use so it’s easy to navigate through and enjoy on the go.

Modern Online Poker At A Casino Site

These days, you can jump into online poker games at a wide range of different casino sites. To get started, check out this step-by-step guide to sign up for Boomerang Casino so you can make an account and an initial deposit in no time at all. This process should be similar for all online casinos.

Step 1: Create Account

Boomerang Registration 2

Boomerang Casino lets you make an account on its desktop website (it doesn’t currently have a mobile app). Visit the website, make an account, and fill out your personal information like your name, address, etc. Once that’s done, you’ll be directed straight to your profile page.

Step 2: Deposit

Boomerang Deposit 1

Next, choose your payment method and add some money to your account. Most deposits are instantaneous. Just keep in mind that you may wish to deposit a certain amount of money to take advantage of Boomerang Casino’s welcome offer!

Step 3: Activate Bonus

Every casino has a different process for activating its welcome bonus. This can include inputting a bonus code or simply depositing a certain amount of money. Read the terms and conditions of your welcome bonus carefully you know how to take full advantage of it.

Step 4: Start Playing

Boomerang Table Games

Then just navigate to Boomerang Casino’s homepage and start playing! Check out its online poker titles and live poker tables to get started. Your bankroll will automatically be updated with the amount you initially deposited plus your bonus credit, if applicable.

Boomerang Logo
100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

Online Poker Rules And Basic Game Knowledge 

New to online poker or poker in general? It’s not as complex as you may think!

Most poker games are played with 52 card decks (which may or may not include Joker cards). In any case, the object of the game is to make the strongest hand at the poker table over your opponents. A “strong hand” is determined by looking at the kinds of cards you hold, and what constitutes a strong hand can vary depending on the poker game you wish to play.

You bet based on whether you think you have a stronger or weaker hand than your opponents. All players get the same number of chances to raise the initial bet, which forms the pool or pot of money at the centre of the table. They can also equal the bet or drop out of the round (losing their money in the process) when a new card is drawn.

Poker is as much a mental game as it is strategic, as players have to read each other and determine whether they are bluffing, whether they truly have strong hands, and more. After the final draw round, all cards are revealed. Whoever has the strongest hand gets all the money in the pot.

Example Of A Poker Game Round

Let’s break down an example so you can see this sequence in action. Imagine you are playing a game of No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

  • All players get three face-down cards at the beginning of the game.
  • The first player places a €5 small blind or bet. The second player places a €2 big blind. The next players have to call, raise, or fold.
  • Imagine that you’re at the table and you have a starting hand with an Ace and a King. Because of this, you raise the bet to €10.
  • The next player checks or raises the bet once the dealer draws three cards into the “river” (the cards in the middle of the table) and places them face up. You see the cards are an Ace, a 5, and a 6.
  • You raise the bet to €12. The second player matches the bet. The next card is drawn, and both you and your opponent check each other for the final round of betting.
  • The fifth card is drawn into the river, forming the cards Ace, King, 5, and 6. You raise your bet massively since you have a great hand.
  • Both your hand and the hand of your opponent are revealed, and you win since your King is more valuable than the other player’s hand. Congratulations!

Top 10 Crucial Poker Hands

To eventually master online poker, you need to know how to identify and bet on some of the most crucial poker hands. Though poker hands can seem a bit confusing, studying this basic chart will help you grasp things much more quickly.

Royale FlushA royal flush is a hand with five cards in numerical order that go up from 10 to an Ace. All cards are of the same suit – a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace all in Spades, for example.
Straight FlushA straight flush is a hand with five consecutive cards that share the same suit (e.g., 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 from Spades).
Four of a KindA four-of-a-kind hand involves holding for cards of the same numerical value and the fifth card can be a tiebreaker or decider if the opponent has the same hand (e.g., 5,5,5,5 from all four suits plus a Jack).
Full houseA full house hand is a hand where three cards are one value and the other two cards are the same value (e.g., 4,4,4,6,6).
FlushA flush hand means any five cards share the same suit (e.g., Jack, Queen, 3, 4, and 10 from Diamonds).
StraightA straight is a hand with five consecutive numerical cards, and the suit doesn’t matter (e.g. 4,5,6,7,8 from any suit)
Three of a KindThe three-of-a-kind is a hand with three of the same value cards (e.g., Jack, Jack, Jack, 5, 6).
Two PairsA two-pair hand has two sets of two cards of the same value (e.g., 4,4,7,7, Queen).
One PairA one-pair hand has one set of two cards of the same value (4,4,5, Queen, Ace).
High cardA high card hand has five cards without any pairs or combinations, so it is scored by the highest value card overall (10, Jack, 3, Queen, Ace).

Poker Odds And Payouts

Unlike many popular table games, classic poker doesn’t have a fixed RTP or return-to-player calculation. That’s because the outcome of any given round or game is based on player decisions and hands. Furthermore, poker doesn’t really have set odds or payouts – how much you win is totally dependent on how much you and other players bet each round.

However, you can still rest assured that online poker games aren’t rigged against you and are still totally fair, provided that you use a casino licensed by the MGA or some other reputable authority.

Online Poker Bonus Offers 

Like other popular online casino table games, many Irish online casinos offer fantastic casino bonuses for both new and experienced players.

For example, you might encounter a no deposit bonus in Ireland that can only be used at poker table games. With this bonus type, you get bonus betting credit for poker games just for depositing money for the first time at a given casino site.

Alternatively, you might find a deposit match bonus, which matches the value of your initial deposit with poker betting credit (e.g., a 100% deposit match bonus up to €100 means you could deposit €100 and get an extra €in free poker betting credits). Just be sure to read the terms and conditions for any given bonus, as most have playthrough or other requirements before you can withdraw bonus credit as cash.

Playing Online Poker Via Your Mobile Device

While you could play online poker on a desktop or laptop, you might want to play via a mobile device, like an iPhone or Android phone, from time to time. This can be incredibly fun, especially if you jump into single-player poker games to pass the time on your morning commute.

Most online poker games at mobile casinos will be simple, fast-paced, and not live-streamed. However, some online casinos do offer live poker games that you can stream straight to your phone – it all depends on the casino you choose to play at.

When playing online poker with your mobile device, make sure your phone is properly charged. That way, you won’t accidentally run out of battery in the middle of the game, losing your betting money in the process.

Furthermore, check whether an online casino has a reputation for good mobile poker games free from lag.

Is It Legal And Safe To Play Online Poker From Ireland?

Generally, yes. Online gambling is legal in Ireland, including poker, so long as you participate in it at a licensed casino location.

Therefore, make sure they only use an online casino site or app that is licensed by the MGA or a similar regulatory body. Not only will this ensure you stay within the bounds of the law, but it will also prevent your personal information and funds from being compromised by hackers or other cyber criminals.

Unlicensed sites don’t have good digital security and could put your money or your identity at risk.

How To Win At Online Poker: Tips And Strategies

As you try your hand at more and more online poker tables, you’ll quickly notice that experienced players tend to sweep the games. So it’s a good idea to learn some key tips and strategies you can employ the next time you bet.

  • Always play poker for free online first. You should practice your poker skills and get the hang of each poker game you plan to enjoy using free versions of the games before putting any money down. Each poker variety has its own distinct rules and quirks, remember.
  • Don’t play poker with a lot of distractions (like while watching TV). To play poker well, you have to focus, both on the moves of other players and on the overall betting action at the table. Try to fully immerse yourself in the game, especially if you enjoy live poker games and tournaments with a lot of money in the pot.
  • Train your poker face if you plan to participate in live poker games. Look stoic and calm at all times, rather than allowing your excitement or disappointment to show on your face depending on the cards you draw. This will make it harder for players to know whether you are bluffing and to determine what cards you hold.
  • Look deep into the rules of the poker games you wish to play and try to memorize them. The more you learn about different poker hands, game rules, and strategies, the better you’ll be able to employ that information in the pursuit of major payouts and tournament wins.
  • Use online poker software if it’s available. Notetaking, colour coding, and other tools can be very useful when you play online poker, especially if you are participating in a long-term it with a lot of money on the line. For example, a colour coding system lets you highlight different player strengths by giving them a colour rating so you know to watch their moves carefully.

Real Money Online Poker Vs Free Play Poker

There are benefits to playing real money online poker, but there are also advantages to getting the hang of things with free play poker before you start betting.

Pros Of Free Play Poker

  • No risk to your money.
  • Plenty of time to learn the game.
  • Helps you improve your poker calculation skills.

Cons Of Free Play Poker

  • You can’t measure yourself against real human players.
  • You can’t practice bluffing.
  • Games can feel deceptively slow.

Pros Of Real Money Online Poker

  • Great for teaching you how to gracefully lose table games without losing your cool.
  • You can wager higher amounts of money.
  • You can test yourself against other players and truly improve your skills
  • Real money poker’s competitive nature is highly exciting.
  • You can practice your money management skills to stay in the game for longer and know how much to bet.

Cons Of Real Money Online Poker

  • Games can be longer because of the slow and methodical paces players keep when real money is on the line.
  • Split-second decisions can cause you to lose a lot of money if you aren’t careful or make a bad decision.

Conclusion: Online Poker Offers High Winning Chances

All in all, playing poker at some of the best online casinos in Ireland is a great idea. Online poker is highly exciting, plus offers a fun way to win big at poker tournaments and high-roller games. 

Choose the right online casino carefully, and you could even start your online poker career with some bonus cash in your bankroll. Check out a great offer from one of our premium casino partners below!

Boomerang Logo
100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

FAQs: Best Poker Online Casinos In Ireland 2024

Can I play poker for real money in Ireland?

Yes! Ireland allows real-money poker betting at online casinos. However, make sure you spend your money at a licensed, legitimate online casino for your personal safety and the safety of your money.

Can I play online poker for free in Ireland?

Yes. Many of the best online casinos in Ireland offer free poker games against the computer. These are great tutorial or training programs, but they don’t let you test your bluffing or strategy skills against real players.

Where can I play poker online?

You can play poker online at a variety of online Irish casinos, plus poker-only gaming sites (such as Global Poker, a sweepstakes poker site). On top of that, you can download single-player poker simulators or games for use on your mobile device, though these don’t let you wager real money.

Is online poker legal and safe in Ireland?

Online poker is safe and legal in Ireland if you play it at a licensed, legitimate online casino. Any good casino worth your time and money should have a record of its licenses somewhere on the home page.

Is there a special online poker bonus I can claim from Ireland?

Many of the best online casinos include special poker bonuses for new account holders and for experienced tournament players. Depending on what the casino offers, you could add extra betting money to your bank account or protect yourself from big losses.